Information Technology: Rising Opportunities, Rising Salaries

Jun 31 2014

A recent study from Mondo indicated that salaries for all levels of technology are on the rise. Several factors contribute to the rise in technology salaries, but the study has identified a few key trends that have accounted for the measurable and significant increase.

In the field of information Technical support and help desk roles are obviously on the lower end of the scale, but even these individuals have seen raises. Overall, the demand for technology and truly mastering it, have immense pay offs.

There has been a spike in salary earnings especially in the areas of mobile development, big data management and architecture and cloud computing. New products are coming out with cloud computing features, and mobile technology is larger than ever before. One doesn’t have to be in IT to know these things are on the rise. Even those who have not had access to learning such cutting edge technology can go back to school and find a specialty in one of these areas that will dramatically affect their earning potential.

HTML 5 is a perfect example. HTML code used to be a basic language of programming until flash and other more interactive technologies stormed the market. When HTML5 came out with new capabilities and functionality of the same nature, a demand for specialists that know the technology, that was perhaps only developed a year prior, dominated the market. The study found that in HTML5 programming knowledge alone, salaries have jumped from an average of $97,000 to $135,000. That’s a $38,000 increase just for picking up a specialty skill set!

Any experience in mobile application development will be rising exponentially and, with the growing call for responsive web design, another specialty skill set markets itself. Since everything has gone mobile, virtually every company is scrambling to find technology specialists that are fluent with the new technology.

This also has huge implications for those who are on the fence about whether or not it is worth it to go back to school. For many, the time and money are seen as an extra expense rather than a big payoff. However, while certain expenses are able to be cut from organizations, companies need their IT departments to run the ship. Not only is there tremendous job security but hard numbers that should urge anyone to get the knowledge they need to get to the next level. In addition to this, the IT field is a huge market for online education. There are tons of ways to increase your knowledge via online certification courses or other online study techniques. This allows advancement on your own time and pace. All in all, the IT field is expanding at a rate unlike any other industry. Perhaps it’s worth it to explore the career possibilities.